Marty Lurie Talks San Francisco Giants Baseball

Inside Baseball Saturday Night 06/24/06

Inside Baseball with Marty Lurie & Bruce Magowan – American League: Winning the Interleague battle, Albert Pujols: 70 HRs?, Ozzie: Out of Control?, Smoltz: headed to the Tigers?
Segment one : Marty & Bruce.
Segment two : Marty & Bruce.
Segment three: Marty, Bruce & Robert Buan.
Segment four : Marty, Bruce & Robert Buan.
Segment five : Marty, Bruce & Robert Buan.


1 Anonymous { 07.01.06 at 1:06 pm }


I love your pre-game and Saturday programs, prefer them to the actual broadcasts as they are so interesting and informative. Have a few things from the 1953 season, I would love to tell you about, specifically how I recall my favorite Mickey Vernon winning batting title on last day of season and how I saw Ted Williams strike out in 9th inning of Bob Porterfield’s 1 hitter on August 10th in Griffith Stadium.

But that’s not the reason I’m writing now. Heard you and Bruce, I think, comparing Ozzie Guillen’s behavior to Larry Kruger’s last weekend and, although I believe you characterized Guillen’s as worse I don’t think they should have been compared at all and believe Larry continues to get an unfair rap. Per the following, pasted in from an (unanswered) 8-11-2005 email to Scott Ostler, I don’t believe Larry’s remarks were remotely racist and feel the press continues to mis-characterize them as such. Tasteless and unfortunate, yes, but racist, no — Caribbean is a geographic reference. Anyway, here’s my argument to Scott (and you and Bruce)

Let’s See



(Morneau, Larry Walker, Fergie Jenkins…)

(North) American

(take your pick)

Central American (Central)

(Loaiza, Durazo, Cantu, Castilla, Clemente…)

South American

(Cabrera (3), Vizquel, Scutaro, Alfonzo…)


(Beltran, Beltre, Cora, Cruz…)


Brain-dead: obviously hyperbolic, tasteless, inappropriate…

Canadian, American, Caribbean: geographic adjectives

So assuming Larry Krueger is not racist (I heard no such evidence over the years or would not have listened to him), how do two adjectives, one tasteless and inappropriate, the other geographic constitute a “racial slur” or a “bigoted slur”????

I happen to agree with the main point of your article (only losers and goats) and with the probable origin (tree-limb bats) of the wild-swinging habits stereotypically attributed to “Caribbean” ballplayers. However, I thought Carl Steward’s Trib article (“overreaction”) handled the situation better — without loosely and unfairly attributing racial motivation to an unfortunately expressed moment of frustration.

I believe it was overreaction by all involved and Larry and his KNBR cohorts did not deserve firing. I will especially miss Larry. It would have been nice if his co-workers and some of you journalists organized to bring him back. Might work…

George Seay

By the way, It’s nice to hear Bruce on the air again. He’s a great guy and KNBR was crazy to let him go.

George Seay
510 535-0741

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