Marty Lurie Talks San Francisco Giants Baseball

Right Off the Bat March 25, 26

Saturday’s Show:

Vince Cotroneo – 1/6
David Feldman – 2/6
David Feldman – 3/6
David Feldman – 4/6
Memories of the game – Ryne Sandberg – 5/6
Rattle the Lumber with Ken Korach – 6/6

Sunday’s Show:

Marty – 1/6
Shooty Babitt & Larry Krueger – 2/6
Shooty Babitt & Larry Krueger – 3/6
Larry Krueger – 4/6
Memories of the game – Jim Landis – 5/6
Rattle the lumber with Vince Cotroneo – 6/6


1 Anonymous { 03.28.06 at 10:43 pm }


Pretty strong feelings about Andy Ashby, there’s got to be a story there somewhere. Personally, I’ll always remember Ashby because I was visiting my sister in San Diego ~10 years ago and I decided to catch a padres game. Ashby was pitching and he had a no-hitter broken up by Kenny Loften in the bottom of the ninth with two outs. It was a disappointment, but not as bad as in 1990 when Ken Phelps hit a HR off Brian Holman to break up his perfect game in the ninth with two outs. That was the night the A’s had out their World Series Champ Hat giveaway.


2 marty { 03.29.06 at 9:26 am }

Andy Ashby spent too much time with the all time pain in the neck Kevin Brown. My last encounter with Ashby was a few years ago I tried to interview him for Memories of the Game. He was with LA and loudly stated in the clubhouse “I have no memories” letting the whole clubhouse know he was going to be interviewed. He hasn’t won a major league game since that night and my take is he was very frustrated and knew his career was over. Up until that point he had been cooperative. Kevin Brown was his lockermate and I am sure rubbed off on Ashby the wrong way.
Anyway I can’t believe he is still hanging around shows you how desperate the Padres bull pen has become.

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