Marty Lurie Talks San Francisco Giants Baseball


Carly Simon’s great song “anticipation” is ringing through my brain as spring training is about to conclude and the 2004 season starts soon. I am eagerly awaiting the 1st pitch and I hope that there will be success for
My teams that I pull for, especially the A’s, Giants, and Red Sox. Failure for the evil ones from NYC and success
for Art Howe and Rick Peterson with the Mets. Lots of
players have changed teams and it will be interesting to see what happens as play starts. Will there be a cinderella team this year? Will Tampa and Detroit show improvement? Will Seattle, Oakland, and Anaheim go down to the wire in a 3 way race for the West? Will the Cubs
win it all ? Will the Braves fade ?
Soon we will hear the national anthem played and the umpires yell”play ball”

Jerry F


1 Anonymous { 03.29.04 at 5:52 pm }

Any word on how advance ticket sales are coming for the A’s? The Chavez signing should help, but the loss of Tejada combined with the fact that very few are picking Oakland to make the post season I’m afraid may have an effect on the casual baseball fans(who in the Bay Area, tend to be fickle) Of course, the real fans know that’s a bunch of nonsense; but we need the others if we’re gonna average over 25,000 per game.(and have hope to sign any of “the big three”)


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