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Minority Managers

As we look at the NBA and the NFL we can clearly see the growing percentage of minority coaches and people in decision making jobs. However,at the start of 2007 the same cannot be said about Major League Baseball. [Read more →]

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The Era of Extravagant Mediocrity

The Era of Extravagant Mediocrity
Rick Kaplan
Staff Writer
OAKLAND (January 6) – Twinkle, twinkle ANY star, how I wonder where you are.
Once upon a time, free agency was synonymous with names that sizzled, like Pedro Martinez and Curt Schilling and Randy Johnson. But those names and skills faded. At the same time, credible advance scouting mysteriously disappeared from front offices throughout major league baseball.
Suddenly, anonymity, profound ordinariness, and–most strangely–durability seemed to come to define the standards for pursuing free agents, especially pitchers.
Following the 2005 season, Oakland GM Billy Beane signed Esteban Loaiza, an eleven year veteran with a career .500 W/L and 4.60 ERA– and, most importantly, a ‘workhorse’ who presumably could be depended on for 200 innings, until, that is, he spent more than a month on the DL for the A’s–to a three year, $22 million deal.

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Barry Bonds is only one of three

I don’t know anybody that can predict the future, although once Giants manager Roger Craig said prior to the 1988 Playoffs; "don’t ever bet against the Dodgers pitching and Kirk Gibson" later I witnessed in Dodger Stadium the home run by Kirk Gibson that beat the Oakland Athletics in the first game of that World Series and also Orel Hershiser win the MVP of that classic. Roger:Humm Baby" Craig was 100X100 correct. If we could all predict the future in this business like Craig did prior to the 1988 playoffs we will all be wise men. [Read more →]

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Winter Edition Inside Baseball 01/03/07

Inside Baseball with Marty Lurie – Key player Loses: Will the A’s miss Thomas, Zito, How good will Piazza be?, Barry Zito: Good pick up for the Giants? , Joe Blanton: Trade bait?

Segment one : Marty & Ken Korach
Segment two : Marty & Ken Korach
Segment three : Marty & Tyler Bleszinski
Segment four : Marty & Glen Dickey [

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A message from Marty on January 1, 2007

Click here to listen to Marty’s New Year Greeting, plus a preview of the Winter edition shows of Inside Baseball coming up on 1550AM KYCY/KYOU. [Read more →]

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