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Winter Meetings Need Armored Truck

One thing I don’t do is worry about how much money billionaires should spend on their baseball teams.

These folks are not in the same world with the rest of us working for a living on a daily basis.

Baseball owners think about flying to Paris, that’s France, not Texas, for lunch.

Let them throw around their millions for ball players. All I’m interested in is how the team will play next season.

I don’t care if Barry Zito is worth 10 mil per year or 15 mil, just tell me where he is going to pitch in ’07.

Ball clubs set arbitrary payroll limits. They all make money, people are falling all over each other buying ball clubs once they hit the market.

It’s just a matter of how little money a club can spend to keep the turnstiles moving and keep the people who pay the bills interested. Those people being fans plus the television folks, cable and national who really line the owners pockets.

If the Giants really want Barry Bonds they can afford it. Haven’t heard of Peter Magowan not buying a new flat screen television because of the money he might have to spend on Bonds.

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