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March 21, 2006 – Tuesday's Show

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Batter Up March 19th, 2006

What a difference a year makes. In 2005, the Angels were clearly the best team in the Cactus League.

This spring the A’s can match the Halos position for position. Both teams have excellent starting pitching, deep bull pens, talented veterans, and exciting young players.

For Oakland, youngsters Dan Johnson, Nick Swisher, and Bobby Crosby all are swinging the bat very well this spring. [Read more →]

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Right Off The Bat 3/18 and 3/19

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Breakout Year for Eric Chavez?

by Glenn Dickey
Mar 17, 2006
EVERY SPRING the question arises: Will this be the year Eric Chavez reaches his potential? The answer may finally be yes, but more because of what the A’s have done in the offseason than because of Chavez himself.

Since Chavez hit .311 in the final month of the 1998 season, when he was still 20 (his birthday is Dec. 7) extravagant predictions have been made for him, some in this space. Historically, when a player can demonstrate at that early an age that he can hit major league pitching, the Hall of Fame is most likely in his future. [Read more →]

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The Passion for the game lives !

As I am in Phoenix for Spring Training a lot of
the players in many of the camps here, specially
the Hispanic players are trying to follow, when their
time allows this first World Baseball Classic and
it is nice to see the passion they are exhibiting.

By Amaury Pi-Gonzalez [

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Right Off The Bat Saturday and Sunday

As I sit here at Phoenix Municipal Stadium about 90 minutes before the start of today’s Right Off The Bat show, I’m looking out at the first rainfall in the Phoenix area in over four months.

I would say the the A’s will do everything possible to get this game in today because you don’t like to give up crowds in excess of 10,000 which is what they expect today.

Sounds just like the big leagues where teams struggle with rain issues all the time.

This rain might knock the game out, it’s that steady.

Rich Harden pitched yesterday, seemed strong although he tired in his third inning.

Frank Thomas is threatening to run during his on field workouts next week. When he does that a lot of people will be holding their breath.

Haven’t seen a real solid team down here most likely reason, so many players are in the WBC, watered down rosters.

Even with the rain I’ll do the show. Guests include A’s director of player personnel Billy Owens and Cubs GM Jim Hendry. Plus I have a bonus Memory of the Game with the late Kirby Puckett.

I’ll probably play that interview Sunday morning. Both shows start at 10:30 AM Pacific.


Saturday’s Show:

Part 1/6
Part 2/6
Part 3/6
Part 4/6
Part 5/6
Part 6/6

Sunday’s Show:

1/6 – Vince Cotroneo
2/6 – Kirby Puckett
3/6 – Frank Thomas
4/6 – Ray Fosse
5/6 – Ron Washington
6/6 – Ken Korach
[

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Inside Baseball – March 2, 2006

Here is March 2nd’s Inside Baseball show:

Part 1/4

Part 2/4

Part 3/4

Part 4/4

[

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