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No Joy in Mudville; or in SBC Park either by Ed Stern

Marty; There is an understandable reason why you have heard nothing from me since the conclusion of the playoffs. For the past three years this page has consisted of the musings of one who purports to write solely from the vantage point of a fan. This means that no particular insight is arrived at after speaking to players, coaches or management. No inside information is available to the average fan, and that means this writer. We depend on the press, local and, to some extent, national for our information. And very little has been written about our Giants.

Great to hear from Ed. His perspective is the most intuitive look at the Giants available to baseball fans in the country.


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Next Inside Baseball Rescheduled

Due to some legal issues with KYCY the next Inside Baseball Show will not be heard as originally planned Tuesday December 6th, but instead will return on December 21st.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Winter meetings should be quite interesting. Rangers need bull pen help, Nomar might go back to the Cubs because they whiffed on Rafael Furcal. Manny to the Angels? It’s not impossible.

Weather is beautiful in Florida. I could get used to this vacation stuff.

Tomorrow I’m interviewing one of the former Phillies Whiz Kids, NL 1950 Champs, Steve Ridzik.

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A's Take a Step Forward

by Glenn Dickey
Dec 02, 2005

WHEN THE A’S signed Esteban Loiaza, it signaled that their new owners will be willing to bump up the payroll to put together a team that has a good chance to get back to the postseason.

“We aren’t going to go crazy here,” said A’s general manager Billy Beane, “but we do have a little more payroll flexibility. We had to move fast on Loiaza because the Giants were in there, too, and when I called Lew Woolf, he gave me the go-ahead right away.” [Read more →]

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