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Inside Baseball

I’m planning to go to Florida for some fishing, interviews, and business.

Next Inside Baseball the winter version will be this Wednesday at 6: 30 PM heard on 1550 AM in the Bay Area.

Shooty Babitt, Ken Korach, and I will give baseball reports plus the show will be hosted by Bay Area basketball personality Carl Foster.

Also check out my new podcast, Marty Lurie’s Sports Exclusive on, check out the website. Go to the baseball scroll in the menu and you can find the show. I’ll be sending one show in each Monday. It’s fifteen minutes in duration and a lot of fun giving my view on current sports events including the Hot Stove League.

Hope you are enjoying the baseball moves. I applaud the White Sox for picking up Jim Thome. Aaron Rowand is a gamer and will help the Phillies. The Marlins got some excellent players for Josh Beckett et al. The Red Sox have a legitimate ace in Beckett, but his injury history is a red flag. The Blue Jays are trying to give money away and snared a willing customer in BJ Ryan, but they already had a closer, Miguel Batista. Now the rumor is Batista will go to the Rangers for Kevin Mench.

John McLaren is the man for the Dodgers managerial job, I hope he gets the nod.

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Winter Version of Inside Baseball Announced

I’m glad to let everyone know that the Winter version of Inside Baseball Saturday Night will begin at 6 PM on Friday November 25th.

The show will be broadcast on 1550 AM a strong signal heard here in the metropolitan Bay Area.

The show will run for 70 minutes and lead in to the pregame show for Cal men’s basketball.

The shows will be on during the week and start times will vary depending on the time of the basketball game. Figure we will be on about 90 minutes before tip off of most of the weekday Cal games.

Ken Korach will be a regular guest as well. Shooty Babitt will join us as we discuss the winter baseball news.

I’m looking forward to doing the show.

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About time: Baseball gets tough

“Any way you look at it, it’s wrong. Drugs won’t help you hit the ball,but they can make you recuperate consistently enough”
-Hank Aaron (Speaking about steroids)

Major League Baseball
finally worked out an agreement
on a new policy to fight the use of
steroids effective in the 2006 season.

By Amaury Pi-González

The new agreement increases penalties to players
who test positive for steroids. This new agreement
will also provide random amphetamine testing and who test positive on amphetamine for the first time
will be subject to mandatory evaluation and testing.

Click below for the information on the new policy.
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A Vote Well Worth Casting

Love of the Game Productions

Sender’s Name: Dave Suico

Message: Bill King is among a long list of potential Baseball Hall of Fame announcer candidates. Here is the link to vote:

2006 Ford C. Frick Award Nominee Voting
Once again this year, fans have the opportunity to participate in the Ford C. Frick Award voting process. Select up to three candidates from the ballot below. The top three vote-getters will be placed on the final ballot for consideration for the 2006 Ford C. Frick Award, presented annually to a broadcaster for major contributions to the game of baseball.

Voters may select up to three candidates. Voting will run from November 1, 2005, through November 30, 2005. Be advised that only one ballot per person, per day, will be accepted. The final 2006 Ford C. Frick Award ballot, including the three fan selections, will be announced in December.

[

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Marty Interviews Huston Street

Marty Lurie interviews A’s pitcher Huston Street. The A’s closer won the Rookie of the Year Award in the American League Monday. The young 22 year old closer talks with Marty about the honor in a very down to earth interview. Don’t miss it.

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Dark Clouds Ahead in the Dominican Republic

I am not going to write about the World Series or anything else about baseball except about something that is very important for baseball It is
taking place in the Caribbean these days. It is sort of scary “like the bird flu”but has no vaccine and
only education and enforcement can solve the problem. Baseball better stop being reactive and
become proactive at this or they will pay the
consecuences,big time.

There is a huge problem that is affecting the game of baseball as we speak in the Dominican Republic, it is a “little dirty secret”but it is becoming a
big dirty secret. The infamous “buscones”
The word “buscones”is Spanish for “looking for.”
But these are not regular scouts.
Buscar in Spanish means “look”.Buscones
it the word for those who “look”.

By Amaury Pi-González [

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A's Challenge: Sign Paul Konerko

by Glenn Dickey
Nov 01, 2005

THE GIANTS made a bold move by signing Barry Bonds as a free agent in late 1992 that ensured their success for more than a decade. Now, the A’s have a chance to make a similar move by signing Paul Konerko. Will they step up to the plate – or whiff on their opportunity?

The Giants ownership team, then headed up by Walter Shorenstein and now by Peter Magowan, had been told by National League owners in 1992 that approval for the sale from Bob Lurie was contingent on getting a new park to replace Candlestick. There was no chance to build support with the dispirited team that finished the 1992 season. Adding Bonds gave the Giants the shot in the arm they needed. [Read more →]

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