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A's Young Pitchers Spark Turnaround

by Glenn Dickey

IN THEIR drive to reach .500, the A’s young pitchers have been the most significant factor. I talked to A’s pitching coach Curt Young on Sunday about them. Here’s what he had to say:

RICH HARDEN, who has returned from a stint on the disabled list as sharp as he was before, allowing only one hit in Sunday’s whopping 16-0 win over the Giants:

“At the start of the season, Rich’s goal was to be the best right-handed pitcher in the league,” Young said. “He has a great fast ball, of course, but I really think it’s his changeup which sets up the fast ball, not the other way around. Hitters are never able to get comfortable because they can’t look for one pitch.” [Read more →]

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Panic at SBC Ball Park by Ed Stern

Marty; If panic has not surfaced in the Giants’ yard it is because a reality fix has not yet evidenced itself. This is not a team which simply has problems competing this year. This is a team which needs a major overhaul before it is competitive in the near future. In considering such overhaul, one should not exclude the possibility of taking a hard look at management.

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Kotsay, A's Have Decisions to Make

Mark Kotsay will never be in a better position to renegotiate an extension of his contract with the A’s than he is in right now.

With playoff contenders like the Cubs, Yankees, and Orioles desperate for an impact center fielder, Billy Beane and the A’s suddenly have a very difficult decision to make.

Do you extend Kotsay’s contract now or trade the clubhouse leader before the July 31st trade deadline?

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The Oakland A'S of Fremont ?Why not ?

We already have The Los Angeles Angels
of Anaheim, so what-say-you if we have
The Oakland A’S of Fremont ?

By Amaury Pi-González

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Losing never felt this bad…by Josh Brown

Ron Washington forgot to remove Bobby Crosby’s handcuffs in time for a game ending double play against the Mariners Wednesday night in Seattle. The loss kept the A’s in the cellar of the AL West—but something felt different after this heartbreaking loss to the M’s.

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Baseball: You Can't Predict The Outcome!

Hey Marty,

Ron Washington, the A’s third base/infield coach told Robert Buan, “baseball can’t be predicted”, oh well, this is why we love the game. Boston is sure helping other Sox team right now. Also, did the hear about the Jets beat the Bucs 20-11, er, Yankees/Rays. New York had 13 run 8th and a lot of homers. With the Red Sox and Yankees starting to get hot, those teams in the AL Central should starting getting worried. Twins, Tigers and the Tribe need to get their act together. In AL West, the Rangers need Kenny Rogers to be the ace to stop those Angels. It seems Texas doesn’t play hard in Anaheim then in Seattle or Oakland. Speaking of Oakland, all the talk amongst my fellow A’s fans is the Kotsay’s situation from trade rumors to contract. In the NL, Padres taking the first two against the Dodgers, although with some injuries, is starting to be the cream of the crop. The D’Backs were helping San Francisco with their roller coaster season. A Cubbies update for the NL Central, the North siders may want to get Alou back or even Kotsay, but I hope not. Williams pitch well last night thanks to Lee’s home run. What is up with the Marlins, even though they ran up against John Smoltz, their talent is underachieving right now except for Willis. Come on McKeon, bring back the magic. The NL East race is the another reason that Wash is right, “baseball can’t be predicted”.

A Blue sky with a bright sun, a beautiful day for baseball, Edgar B. Martinez, A’s Fan aka Pachyderm [Read more →]

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The future of the Mariners is Latino

There are some teams positioning themselves
to be solid contenders in the future and some
like the Seattle Mariners might do it with a
lot of young Latino players.

By Amaury Pi-Gonzalez [

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Just Stay close and September Will Be a Ball

If you look carefully every baseball season has a theme.

For instance in 1962, the Dodgers Maury Wills and his 104 stolen bases became the story of the year.

In 1998, Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa, enhancements aside, took us through a wild home run chase.

In 1968, pitching dominated the game to such a degree that the DH was adopted a few years later.

This season the underlying story is the fact that no team is running away with its division.

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What's Really Important for A's, Giants

By Glenn Dickey

IN THE press box during Thursday’s A’s game, former A’s second baseman Shooty Babbit expressed an opinion that is held by many A’s and Giants fans: The only thing that counts is winning the World Championship.

“Don’t talk to me about how many regular season games you win,’’ said Babbit, now a scout for the Arizona Diamondbacks, who also works with Marty Lurie on “Inside Baseball Saturday Night” on KFRC, broadcast live from Crogan’s in Montclair. “It doesn’t mean anything unless you win the whole thing.” [Read more →]

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Inside Baseball By Bruce Grimes

Inside Baseball—6/13

Giants and Yankees Running on Empty

Two of the game’s premier franchises are mere shadows of their former selves. Both the Giants and Yankees have hitters who aren’t delivering in clutch situations; fielders whose range is poor; starters who consistently fail to get out of the sixth inning; and relievers who can’t throw strikes. Both teams have players with a lot of mileage and little in their respective farms systems that can offer immediate help.

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