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The Hispanic Heritage Baseball Museum
is the only museum of its kind in the country.
Established in San Francisco, California
in June 1999, as a nonprofit institution
501(c)(3). This Museum is dedicated
to, recognizing the contributions made
to baseball by its Hispanic players and
once again the HHBM will be present
at the Giants and Athletics Fanfest
to take place on February 12, 2005.
[

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Arizona Here We Come by Marty Lurie

It sure feels good to be in Arizona, I’m here for the A’s Fantasy Camp. I get to put on the uniform and play ball all week, then at night I facilitate the baseball discussions between the campers (ages 30-60) and the former players.

Shooty Babitt is here and he is the camp coordinator. Greg Cadaret came in yesterday, Tony Phillips too.
Tomorrow Terry Steinbach, Dave Henderson, Billy North, Dave Stewart among others.

Drove past the A’s spring training facility last night and you could just feel how close spring training is to getting started. Then went up tp Scottsdale, had sushi, and breezed past the Giants park, you could sense the difference between the A’s and Giants immediately.
Say what you want, but there is a definite rivalry between the two.

Most of the talk yesterday was about Mark Mulder and how his problems could be in his head and how this has happened to pitchers throughout the history of the game and it’s not that uncommon for careers to take a major downturn.

We’ll see, I still think the A’s moved him too early.

Someone said to me in the restaurant last night that he thought Barry Zito would be traded to Arizona, No way, Zito is the ace of the staff, and as I write this it is a frightening thought just going off last year’s performance. The ace has to give you seven innings with a low pitch count, something he had trouble doing last season.

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Is Byrnes The Next To Go?

New York city loves its newspapers and its baseball rumors.

The latest was published Sunday and it involves the A’s and Eric Byrnes.

Mike Cameron was the apple of Billy Beane’s eye during the winter of 2003. Cameron told me he was offered more money by the A’s to sign here as a free agent, but chose the bright lights in NY, a place he always wanted to play.

Well, Mike has joined the crowd of disgruntled players who have the seen the Big Apple turn an unfriendly eye towards their game.

Now the Mets have 117 million invested in Carlos Beltran. Cameron sees the handwriting on the wall. A gifted centerfielder, Cameron’s days in center are over and he is being asked to change outfield positions.

This is where the A’s come in.

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Yeah, Yabu !!

Since Hideo Nomo arrived in
the United States with the
Los Angeles Dodgers
around a decade ago,
Japanese players have
started pouring into
the Major Leagues.
The A’S have the most
recent entry, it’s a Yabu.

By Amaury Pi-González [

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Last December in this site right
after the A’S traded Mark Mulder
I wrote about the current A’S
ownership selling the team.
Today (1/7/05)all Bay Area
newspapers are writting
about that.

By Amaury Pi-González [

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Baseball and Scott Boras, Who Runs the Show? by Ed Stern

Marty: In anticipation of your upcoming Thursday program here are a few thoughts, for whatever they may be worth, respecting what has now become the traditional off-season. Scott Boras may have more impact on the success or failure of teams in the coming season than anyone else.

There appear to be five teams which have made significant moves, namely, the Yankees, Boston, Seattle, the Mets and the Giants. Among these teams, the Yankees and the Mets may be contemplating further additions. I am assuming that the Yankees already have Johnson signed. The Yankees, with the addition of Pavano, Wright and now Johnson, have bought a new rotation. Boston, though losing Martinez and Cabrera, have added Renteria and Clement. Renteria is a better player than Cabrera. Seattle has added Sexson and Beltre, major moves. The Mets have added Martinez and apparently are serious about Beltran.

Click below for more of Ed’s analysis.

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Passtime Passings by Baseball Historian Bruce Markusen

Pastime Passings in 2004
By Bruce Markusen

The baseball world did not endure the loss of any Hall of Fame members in 2004, but still suffered the departures of a number of accomplished major league managers (including Charlie Fox, Darrell Johnson, and Johnny Oates); two standout umpires (Ken Burkhart and Ed Sudol); a trio of winners of the Frick and Spink awards (Joseph Durso, Joe Falls, and Bob Murphy); several All-Star caliber players (Bobby Avila, Ray Boone, and Ken Caminiti); and an array of colorful characters (including Rod Kanehl, Tug McGraw, and Leon Wagner).

In their collective honor, we present the roll call for 2004:

Click below for the comprehensive list. Bruce thanks so much for this contribution to baseball history,
Marty [

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Inside Baseball Returns Thursday Night at 6 PM on KFRC 610 AM

Shooty Babitt and I return to Crogan’s Montclair this Thursday January 6th for the first of four Thursday Night Inside Baseball Shows (winter version).

The show begins at 6 PM, is heard throughout northern California on KFRC 610 AM, and will lead into Cal basketball’s pregame at 7:10 PM.

We will look at the remaining free agents, discuss the winter moves made by the A’s and the Giants, and analyze the impact the free agents who have already signed will have with their new teams.

We plan to take a few calls live on the air from the fans and will have some nationally known baseball writers and other baseball guests call in too.

The call in number is 1 888 610 4627.

Show dates are January 6th and 20th, then February 3rd and 17th, every other Thursday at 6 PM beginning this week.

See you there,

Marty Lurie [

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Boggs, Morris, Sutter, Sandberg, Gossage, and Blyleven Should Get The Call

Now that the New Year has officially begun, (the next significant event will be disposing of the Super Bowl), it’s time to take on the first hurdle of the new season: The Hall of Fame inductees for 2005 will be announced this Tuesday.

No doubt Wade Boggs will be voted in. Was he the best at his position? Probably as close to it as possible. My recollections of Boggs center on the way he attacked 200 hits every season. Only Pete Rose or perhaps Steve Garvey and now Ichiro made their annual pursuit of 200 hits in a season their primary goal.

What a tough out Boggs was. Taking pitches close to the plate, you couldn’t strike him out. One of the toughest outs of all time.

Two hundred hits in one year is a mark that is still significant for me and it is still a thrill to see a player connect on that milestone. Boggs did it regularly plus won batting titles and I don’t think you can tell the story of baseball during his career without including his exploits.

Boggs gets my vote without a question.

Click below for the my thoughts on who should also get the call around noon on Tuesday. [Read more →]

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