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A Short Response to Amaury and Marty by Ed Stern

Amaury– I haven’t given up on the Giants yet. It is far too early to throw in the towel. Somehow, this team, over the past three years, has managed to make believers out of non-believers too often to allow the luxury of surrendering early. Having said that, where are they going to find three more starting pitchers? How long are they going to continue starting Rueter for the simple pleasure of seeing him give up a five run lead which he enjoyed by the bottom of the second inning? If some club needs a left-handed batting practice pitcher maybe the Giants can find a place for him.

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Monday Morning Baseball

Believe it or not, the Texas Rangers are sitting comfortably atop the AL West this morning.

There are many reasons why a team suddenly jells and the Ranger story begins with Michael Young. Not only is he hitting .362, but he is playing nice shortstop replacing you know who.

Alfonso Soriano hammered the weak pitchers last year and he is starting to heat up as the Rangers walloped the Red Sox this weekend.

Make no mistake, the Red Sox are good, but their offense is a shell of what it was last year. When you have no alternative to Cesar Crespo with the game on the line in the ninth inning, you know there is trouble in paradise. The Sox miss Nomar and Trot Nixon. Just too much Pokey Reese, Mark “the walking man” Bellhorn and David McCarty in this lineup for me.

Bill Mueller and Brian Daubach haven’t hit much to date either.

So, the Rangers have a bullpen and last night Francisco Cordero saved his 10th game of the year. RA Dickey shut the Angels down earlier in the season, last night he mesmerized the Sox with his knuckle curve. Is he for real? Could be, and we’ll see this month.

Chan Ho Park, Kenny Rogers, Ryan Drese, and Jaoquin Benoit lead the starters, need I say more. Enjoy the resurgence while it lasts.

Texas can hit, they are playing nice and loose and I hope they hang in because it makes the West a terrific place to play.

With Tampa Bay and its band of underachievers due in this week, things look rosy in Texas.

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Do not give up on Giants….yet

In 2002 the Anaheim Angels
finished the month of April
6-14. I remember in some
Press Boxes some reporters
talking about:
When is Angel manager
Mike Sciosia is going to
be fired ?
That same season the
Angels won the World
Series over the Giants
in seven games.

By Amaury Pi-González
San Francisco [

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Batter Up May 1st

Batter Up May 1st

The A’s were swept in Yankee Stadium this week and all of baseball marveled how the sputtering New Yorkers saved their season. The same may be said of the A’s if they learn from the debacle in the Bronx.

Here’s why.

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