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New Pictures Added

Just added new pictures to the Photo Gallery.

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A's Not Doing the Little Things To Win, Neither are the White Sox

According to the signals coming from Chicago, Jerry Manuel’s job is hanging by one more losing streak.

Wally Backman, former Met is managing in the Sox’s minor league system. The funny thing is Backman’s team has been running like crazy and that is the philosophy he would like to bring to the Southside of Chicago.

Someone should introduce him to Paul Konerko, Frank Thomas, Magglio Ordonez, and Carlos Lee. Once Backman takes a quick look at the roster I wonder how many times he will go over the steal sign with these guys.

Minor league hitter Joe Borchard still isn’t hitting, he’s not the answer as of yet. The big club needs an overhaul before any manager can turn things around.

Jerry Manuel is not the cause of the the Chicago troubles, their inability to handle Minnesota is one of the major things holding the Sox back. With Mark Buehrle struggling, the Sox only have Bartolo Colon and Esteban Loaiza as bright spots on the mound.

Sacking Jerry Manuel for run happy Wally Backman won’t make things any better, if they really want a solid baseball man they should tap Chicago native and Cubs AAA manager Mike Quade, who taught the current A’s players how to play the game.

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Going the Distance In Today's Game, Why not!


It seems to me that we have been thru this before. I recall mentioning that Marichal threw more complete games than wins. You mentioned Roberts and the number of innings he customarily threw. You can put dozens of old time pitchers in this category.

Click Below for Ed’s comments on pitching, they are right on, as usual.

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Arizona Hurting on Offense, A's Bullpen Collapses

In today’s game, no matter how strong your starting pitching is, you better have a deep bullpen to get the ball to the closer.

If you pitched in the majors as late as the early eighties, it wasn’t a shock to see you as the starting pitcher go the distance.

I’ve been told by Hall of Fame pitchers that the toughest outs to get in a ballgame are 25, 26, and 27. The great starters wanted the ball in the ninth inning and got those tough outs much to the delight of the manager and the hurler’s teammates.

Wouldn’t you like to see Pedro Martinez, Roger Clemens, Randy Johnson, Barry Zito, Tim Hudson, Mark Mulder and others finish their games on a regular basis.

The A’s lost Wednesday’s game because Ricardo Rincon and Chad Bradford couldn’t hold a 3-2 eighth inning lead handed to them by Barry Zito who was removed after throwing 110 pitches in seven innings.

Pitchers today just are not trained to finish what they start and even though they turn the game over to skilled specialists, who usually do OK, the starters are the ones I want in there when the going gets tough. I say give them a chance to close the deal themselves. They just might do it.

The Giants suffered with Felix Rodriguez on Monday night. The Mets fell apart with David Weathers on the mound against Philadelphia. Jose Contreras gave it up to the Red Sox. All as late inning relievers. You see it night after night unless you root for Houston and their deep effective bullpen.

For one season I’d like to see the starters pushed to the point where they throw 125- 135 pitches per game, just to see if they could get it done.

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You Tell Me Who Will Win the NL Pennant

The National League presents different problems than the junior circuit because there are no powerhouse teams other than possibly the Atlanta Braves.

The Braves are surprising everyone with their offense. Rafael Furcal, Marcus Giles, Chipper Jones, Javy Lopez, Andruw Jones, and my MVP leader at the quarter pole, Gary Sheffield are simply crushing the ball every night.

Greg Maddux is still shakey, but Mike Hampton and Russ Ortiz have been solid and have been there before, so they give Bobby Cox a decent starter three of the five nights in the rotation. Horacio Ramirez has had his moments, too.

John Smoltz is automatic with help from Roberto Hernandez who is decent setting Smoltzie up.

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Baseball Passes the Quarter Pole, Real Race Ahead

It’s interesting to take a look at baseball in May, over the course of the game’s history, charting a team’s chances in spring rarely gives us a true read on how the race will end in October.

But, you can’t get to the finish line in first place unless you are showing some signs that you have what it takes to make it over the long haul.

So, any surprises so far? Using the immortal words that Jeff Kent used when answering the media’s questions, “You bet”.

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All-Star Proposal By Mark Feigenbaum

I have an alternative plan for making Baseball’s All-Star game more meaningful.

Instead of having the potential of penalizing the team with the best over all record because their league lost the game, why not give the league that wins the game an extra Wild Card team?

This would not only bring meaning to the All-Star game but would increase the competition in the league during the second half of the season.

The All-Star Wild Card would be either a second place team with the second best record or could be the third place team from the division that has the Wild Card team.

There would be a one game playoff at the end of the season to determine that leagues Wild Card team.

This system would be rewarding the league that wins the All-Star game without penalizing the team that loses.

Imagine how much more the All-Star game would become if the All-Star Wild Card team makes it to the World Series or even won it all. It would also give the league an additional playoff gate.

Considering that every other major sport gives the team with the best overall record home field advantage, I feel that this alternative keeps that tradition for Major League Baseball.

It also will most certainly create excitement by giving teams an additional shot at making the playoffs.

I can’t think of any baseball fan who would be opposed to this proposal.

Mark Feigenbaum

Marlboro, New Jersey

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Sunday Muse on Saturday

My daughter Bonnie is marrying Greg Barme on Sunday (we are thrilled), so no Dish tomorrow, but instead it’s the Sunday Morning Muse on Saturday.

The Mets are losing players and games at an alarming rate. With Mo Vaughn gone with a knee injury, Mike Piazza disabled with a pulled groin, and Jeromy Burnitz still out, Art Howe can give some playing time to his bench.

Raul Gonzalez can hit the fastball, finding an outfield spot for him may be more difficult since he doesn’t run very well. Vance Wilson is a nice catcher and can hit with some pop. So, all is not lost for the Mets if these two can develop as adequate replacements for the high priced vets.

I have the feeling that the Padres are going to be major players in the free agent market next season when they move into their new ballpark.

Americans will forget about the Yankees Hideki Matsui when the new Matsui comes over next season. This import plays shortstop with real power and is an impact player so say all the scouts who have seen him. The Padres want him big time. Miguel tejada is on their radar screen as well.

Mark Buehrle joined Al Leiter in the growing list of major league pitchers who have given up ten runs in one of their starts. With middle relief what it is (mediocre), managers leave the starter in until it is absolutely necessary to get him out of the game.

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Braves Still Crushing the Ball, A's Score in Detroit

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The First Hispanic owner

Congratulations Arturo Moreno

you are going to Disneyland !

Arturo Moreno is the first

Hispanic baseball owner

of a Major League franchise

and he brings a lot to the


By Amaury Pi-González

[

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