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Rangers Showed the Thunder, Angel's Bats Slow

Texas showed what could happen when they get effective pitching as they knocked off the Angels Sunday night.

The Angels didn’t do themselves any favors by falling behind and then needing a comeback from the Rally Monkey.

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2003 Predictions (Part III)

And now the American

League East, the most

covered and publicized

division in Major League

Baseball. One word for

this “Yankees:.

By Amaury Pi-González [

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Season Opener Means Good Times Ahead

The first pitch of the 2003 season will be thrown Sunday night by John Lackey in Anaheim. Come to think of it, Lackey opened the Angels last game, the pivotal seventh game of the world series last October. Tonight’s opponent on the hill is somewhat familiar to Lackey’s last opposite number, that is the totally forgettable Livan Hernandez. Of course, the Rangers are Sunday’s team and Ismael Valdes, a fourth starter at best draws the opening nod for Buck Showalter’s team.

Lackey versus Valdes, you gotta love the Angels. The Angels will run Francisco Rodriguez and Troy Percival and the rest of the bull pen out there tonight, sadly for the Rangers they too will trot out their pen as well.

The result: a high scoring game with the Seraphs ultimately the winner in the first game of 2003.

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Taking a look at the American

League Central Division and

how I think the teams will


By Amaury Pi-González [

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It Will Be a Good Summer in the Bay Area by Marty Lurie

With spring training coming to an end it is time to look at some of my observations going into the season opener on Sunday night.

The A’s and the Giants both had good springs in that there were no major injuries, the new players seem to be fitting into their teams and the returning veterans are ready to play.

So, how will it turn out. Click read more and I’ll tell you my picks. [Read more →]

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2003 PLAY BALL! (Part One)

With all going on in our world

this 2003 season cannot come a

minute sooner. As I just returned

from Arizona and have a chance to

review both leagues, here are

my 2003 Predictions.

By Amaury Pi-González [

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A's, Giants and Decisions in March

This week the final rosters of major league teams will be settled. I always like to watch the box scores the last week of spring training because now you really get to see what is on the mind of the various general managers.

The Giants have to decide what to do with Livan Hernandez and Robb Nen.

The A’s need to maker another statement about Miguel Tejada, eat some crow for the PR gaffe last week, and let the fans know that the club is open to being creative with the MVP shortstop.

Let me explain. [

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Spring Training Thoughts

Now we are heading into the last week of spring training, it’s time to take a closer look at the teams.

With the season only a week or so away, some AL West teams still have question marks.

Ill tell you what I think below. [

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