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Sportswriter and Author Maury Allen on Right Off The Bat

New York sportswriter Maury Allen, who has written acclaimed baseball books on the greats of the game including Casey Stengel, Joe Dimaggio, and yes, George Steinbrenner, is my guest Tuesday at 3:50 PM Pacific right here on, the A’s web site, and 610 AM KFRC in Northern California. This will be a good show. [Read more →]

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Dodgers Face Arizona, Angels Back in Fenway, A's hit KC

The Giants need to root for the Diamondbacks as crazy as that sounds because the Dodgers face Arizona three times, while the Giants are in Colorado for four games.

The key for teams trailing the leaders by more than three or four games is not to slip back in to the six or seven range because that means you have to sweep a series to get back into the race and that is tough to do in September.

The A’s get one more crack at the dregs of the Central before returning home to the Twins on Friday.

Boston needs a win today, Seattle gets a day off, and the Yankees face Kenny Rogers in Rogers’ house of horrors, Yankee Stadium.

Let’s see what else is up.

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The A's roll on, Angels stumble, Watch the Red Sox

Friday night saw the A’s take over sole possession of first place in the West as Barry Zito won his eighteenth game.

More importantly, the Mariners let one get away in Cleveland, the Angels ran into the best pitcher in baseball, Pedro Martinez, and the Red Sox look like they may have some life left in them after all.

Expos manager Frank Robinson brought back the squeeze play to beat the Giants, the Dodgers dodged another bullet in LA, and the Cards continue to give hope to the Astros.

Saturday poses a challenge for the losers last night to turn things around.

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Author of Blue Skies Green Fields on Right Off The Bat

Ira Rosen has written a beautiful book filled with spectacular color photographs of 50 major league baseball stadiums, “Blue Skies Green Fields.” With comments from players and fans who saw these stadiums, the book is a wonderful reflection on current and past baseball venues. Ira Rosen is my guest Saturday at 2:50 PM Pacific righthere on, the A’s web site, and 610 AM KFRC in Northern California. [Read more →]

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Angels Banged up in Fenway, A's in Detroit, Cleveland Braces for Seattle

The Angels got a bad break when rain threatened the Boston area, causing the Red Sox to move Pedro’s start from last night to tonight, so their ace wouldn’t possibly lose a turn.

Seattle got well the last two days in Detroit, and the A’s made Cleveland look like a AAA team for four days.

The Expos come into Pac Bell with one of the hottest pitchers in the league after the Mets Bobby Valentine was lucky to leave SF with his job.

The Dodgers face the Braves and then the Diamondbacks in their next two series, meaning this would be a good time to wake up the Giants bats against Montreal.

What a weekend to follow. [

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What four teams will make the playoffs in the A.L.?

Dale writes: As we enter the stretch run with under 40 games left in a complicated season filled with steroid accusations, Rally Monkeys and luxury tax lingo in baseball, all eyes seemed to centered on the American League west. [Read more →]

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Baseball Will Survive

By Amaury Pi-González

“I don’t think American culture would

collapse if baseball collapsed.”

– Don Fehr March 13, 1990

Same Donald Fehr that is leading the

players union(2002) into what could be

another baseball players strike.

But strike or no strike, baseball will

survive just because it is baseball and

baseball is more than a sport, it is

more than a game, it is an American


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Hall of Fame Baseball Writer Joe Falls on Right Off The Bat

This year’s JG Taylor Spink Award winner Joe Falls is my guest on Right Off The Bat Friday. Falls, inducted into the Writer’s Wing of the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown this past July is a long time favorite in the Detroit area. Join us at 2:50 PM Pacific right here on, the A’s web site, or 610 AM KFRC in Northern California. [Read more →]

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Yes, I was a Cory Lidle basher

Was it his “I’m going to do it my way.” demeanor? or his “I thought I pitched great” comments after being knocked out after clearly pitching poorly? Maybe it was his on-field display when showed up Art Howe after he took him out of the game against the Milwaukee this year. Or was it a subtle frustration in me when Art Howe gave him the pitching responsibility in game four of the ALDS against the yankees, in which he was ineffective?

Here are my thoughts on the new Lidle.

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Angels Win in NY, Seattle Happy with Ismael, A's Lidle Teriffic

The Angels showed how tough they can be winning a very important game in hostile Yankee Stadium Wednesday. The rare mid week day game had the feel and look of a post season game as the teams were tied 1-1 heading into the 11th inning.

Scott Spiezio who Tuesday rang the bell to start the NY Stock Exchange, and drove back to the hotel Tuesday night in a police van, had more fun when he couldn’t lay down a bunt in the 11th and hit a game winning two run homer off Jeff Weaver instead.

Cory Lidle continued his impersonation of Cy Young in Cleveland, while Ismael Valdes celebrated his birthday winning in his Mariners debut in Detroit.

The Giants don’t want the Mets to leave town and the Dodgers avoided a tough loss in LA.

Today, the teams are back for more.

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