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Losing never felt this bad…by Josh Brown

Ron Washington forgot to remove Bobby Crosby’s handcuffs in time for a game ending double play against the Mariners Wednesday night in Seattle. The loss kept the A’s in the cellar of the AL West—but something felt different after this heartbreaking loss to the M’s.

Click below for more!The 90 minute shuttle flight to the Northwest was short enough for Bill King to accompany the team for the first time on the road this season. In between halibut and salmon feasts, Bill and his broadcast cohorts concocted a sentiment that the A’s can-could-are competing on the road—vernacular used with an ahi like rarity in Oakland to date. In fact, the only other road stands where similar optimism was transmitted via the radio waves were the opening road trip to Baltimore to start the season and the A’s recent trip to Atlanta to face the Bobby C’s.

Yes, the A’s—their fans, coaches and broadcast baritones—may have finally exorcised their road trip demons. The proof of this can’t be found in the fluff emitted by Nick Swisher, rants ragged by Eric Chavez on bus schleps or Machiavellian comments posted to the press by Macha. No—words cannot confirm what heartache defines. The A’s squandered a game Wednesday night—everyone in A’s Nation knew it and it hurt. Being pissed off and feeling shortchanged is the best indicator of a team that wins more than it looses.

As the weekend series against the Giants approaches, the A’s will be playing with a full deck if Huston Street is ready to cowboy up in the waning twilight of a nine inning affair. The A’s have both barrels loaded and have a six shooter in the holster. It will be a hearty challenge for the A’s to reach the five hundred mark by the All Star break—tougher still to challenge the Rangers and Autry’s for the AL West crown. Nonetheless, the A’s faithful should open their party planners and clear their schedules for the months of July, August and September. The young A’s will be a very fun team to watch as we countdown to another 49ers PR blockbuster. Heck, we may win a few games to boot.

By Josh Brown


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