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Kenny Rogers

There have been many incidents of bad behavior by major league baseball players in the past. On wednesday this week, Kenny Rogers went to the top of the class with his unbelievable bad behavior. The
unprovoked attacks upon 2 cameramen was beyond the pale. These men were doing their job and did nothing to
Rogers to cause such behavior. Baseball responded by suspending Rogers for 20 games. Big deal !!
Rogers should be suspended for the rest of the year.
Just last year another Texas pitcher threw a chair at fans at the Oakland Coliseum and injured a fan. In that
case, the injured woman’s husband was baiting the players. Nothing of that nature occured o Wednesday.
Many pkayers have had temper tantrums in the dugout or in the clubhouse. Kevin Brown injured himself last year and Rogers hurt his right hand just last week.

If Rogers lived in the real world as most people do, he would have been hauled off to the local pokey and would have been charged with assault and battery.
That may happen later. This man makes more money in one year than most people will make in 2 or 3 lifetimes but that doesn’t give him the right to attack

As for me, I could care less if he ever played again.

Jerry Feitelberg


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