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A humble Barry Bonds in 2007 ?

Barry Bonds signed his one year contract with the Giants and then went on a press conference and a couple of radio shows showing lots of humility and saying that he is back because he wants to help the Giants win a championship and he wants to break the home run record. [Read more →]

January 31, 2007   3 Comments

Edgar Martinez is Cooperstown material

Two years ago The Hispanic Heritage Baseball Museum and Hall of Fame inducted Mariners designated hitter Edgar Martinez to their Hall of Fame.
I was present on the field with Edgar to make the presentation. This year
the Mariners will induct Edgar into their Hall of Fame and not far from today Edgar will be inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in Cooperstown,New York. He was that good. [Read more →]

January 27, 2007   3 Comments

Hispanic Heritage Baseball Museum at local Fanfest

The Hispanic Heritage Baseball Museum Hall of Fame will exhibit again at ATT Park during ther KNBR/Giants Winterfest and also at the McAfee Coliseum in Oakland during A’S Fanfest 2007.
The KNBR/Giants Winterfest will be on Saturday January 20 and the Oakland Athletics 2007 Fanfest will be on Saturday January 27.
Many players from both Bay Area teams will be present,sign autographs and mingle with local baseball fans.

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January 17, 2007   5 Comments

Minority Managers

As we look at the NBA and the NFL we can clearly see the growing percentage of minority coaches and people in decision making jobs. However,at the start of 2007 the same cannot be said about Major League Baseball. [Read more →]

January 8, 2007   No Comments

The Era of Extravagant Mediocrity

The Era of Extravagant Mediocrity
Rick Kaplan
Staff Writer
OAKLAND (January 6) – Twinkle, twinkle ANY star, how I wonder where you are.
Once upon a time, free agency was synonymous with names that sizzled, like Pedro Martinez and Curt Schilling and Randy Johnson. But those names and skills faded. At the same time, credible advance scouting mysteriously disappeared from front offices throughout major league baseball.
Suddenly, anonymity, profound ordinariness, and–most strangely–durability seemed to come to define the standards for pursuing free agents, especially pitchers.
Following the 2005 season, Oakland GM Billy Beane signed Esteban Loaiza, an eleven year veteran with a career .500 W/L and 4.60 ERA– and, most importantly, a ‘workhorse’ who presumably could be depended on for 200 innings, until, that is, he spent more than a month on the DL for the A’s–to a three year, $22 million deal.

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Barry Bonds is only one of three

I don’t know anybody that can predict the future, although once Giants manager Roger Craig said prior to the 1988 Playoffs; "don’t ever bet against the Dodgers pitching and Kirk Gibson" later I witnessed in Dodger Stadium the home run by Kirk Gibson that beat the Oakland Athletics in the first game of that World Series and also Orel Hershiser win the MVP of that classic. Roger:Humm Baby" Craig was 100X100 correct. If we could all predict the future in this business like Craig did prior to the 1988 playoffs we will all be wise men. [Read more →]

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Barry Zito a late Christmas present

It was not until Thursday the 28th day of December 2006 that Santa Claus made a late stop at Giants fans with a huge 7-year $126 million contract and Barry Zito will not have not move from his residence in San Francisco, he will pitch just a few minutes away at ATT Park in 2007. [Read more →]

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Hispanic Baseball Museum to induct 101 year old player

The Hispanic Heritage Baseball Museum is set to induct this December 29, 2006 Don Emilio"Millito"Navarro first Puerto Rican to play baseball in the Negro Leagues. Navarro is the oldest living professionaL baseball player in the world.

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December 21, 2006   No Comments

Mariners become more Hispanic

The Seattle Mariners are going to need a Jose-Meter in 2007 with their recent additions. But Bill Bavasi knows that time is running out for his regime and he better try all he can to make this team leave the cellar this next season. It will not be easy, but they are trying. [Read more →]

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Rick Kaplan
Staff Writer
OAKLAND (December 11) – Baseball is immortal, isn’t it?
The intrinsic beauty and balance of the game–a 90 ft, 9 inning, 9 man, 27 out perfect world–has always sustained it in tough times.
Seemingly impervious to the ills of the world, including the constant waves of gambling and booze and performance enhancers that the diamond has witnessed since the origin of Organized Baseball in the nineteenth century, the game has steadfastly continued marching ahead. In spite of its many ups and downs, it has provided us with unbroken memories and endless comparisons of its greats from era to era. And it was able to do so by speaking to us in a universal language of W-L (won-lost), HRs (home runs), RBIs (runs batted in), BA (batting average), and ERA (earned run average).
It was always about what was happening between first and third. We didn’t really care about anything else.

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