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he got the manager's job but not here

I read in the paper today that Ron Washington, the 3rd base coach for the A’s for the last 11 years, has been hired as the manager of the Texas Rangers. I had mixed emotions about that announcement. I am extremely pleased that Ron got the manager’s job but I was sad to hear that he was going to Texas. I had hoped that Ron would be the new A’s manager. He had worked here for 11 years under Art Howe and Ken Macha. He is a tireless worker and has helped many players improve their fielding. Eric Chavez and Miguel Tejada are just 2 examples.
During sping training,Ron would be at the park as early as 7 am to work with the young players. He is a man who is a baseball lifer who just lives and breathes baseball.
The game has been good to him and he has been good for the game of baseball. The A’s are losing one of the good guys. Let’s all wish Ron the best in his new endeavor.
So, Ron, stay well and good luck, except against the A’s.

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Barry Zito Minus The A's by the 'Ol Professor

For the old Professor, the winter represents heartache and inconvenience. Not only does the early darkness shave my fluffy cat, Rollie, and husky puppy, Campy’s, curfew, but another A’s player packs up his bags, and indulges himself with a major league powerhouse. Indeed, except for Chavvy, the A’s have earned the reputation as a stepping stone for players, a spot to revive your career, increase your value, and run for the riches. The Professor recalls Jason Isringhausen, and Keith Foulke moping into the A’s clubhouse with concerns hovering over their arms, only to transform their statistics and desert Tina from Guest Services’ Oakland Athletics.

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Kenny Rogers' Foreign Substance, And thoughts on Ron Washington

Professor OaklandLet’s get the rants started, my high-speed; A’s obsessed pupils. I have such little to say, and so much time.

Wait a minute.

Switch that.

Been busy tackling a freelance assignment from Detroit, so I’ve been mixing and matching for Kenny Rogers’ next start. Had nothing to do with Rogers’ game 3 start in the ALCS against our A’s, but since he’s been caught, they’re trying to manufacture an invisible substance. High definition television will expose you every time, Kenny.

So, the A’s are managerless?

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Wake Me Up In Mid-June by Ned Kletz

ESPN and all those folks don’t give the phenomenon that is the Oakland A’s enough attention.

Every season since high expectations began (2000), the A’s have followed a pattern that has been as predictable as a movie you’ve already seen. In fact, watching how the 2000-2005 seasons unfolded felt nothing less than watching the same movie five times.

And now, 11 games into 2006, I’m not going to be fooled again into thinking I don’t know what’s coming.

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I Won't Miss Barry Zito by Ned

Even before opening night for the ’06 A’s I’d said that I really won’t miss Barry Zito next year when he’s gone.

I’d be willing to bet that the A’s front office won’t either.

Of course they’ll miss Barry Zito, the good guy. But they won’t miss Barry Zito the pitcher. People with more than “fan-typical” baseball knowledge know that Zito, the pitcher, is overrated.

He’s a charismatic, eccentric baseball player. Combine that with a Cy Young award (100 years ago)…and you’re going to see some serious “overration”.

The fact is, in professional sports, one recipe for superstardom is awesome production. However, there’s another way to become a “star”…

Eccentricity and a little bit of success. And I do mean “a little bit”.

And that’s specifically why Zito will get $14 mil per year after this season from some over zelous owner. Not because he’s worth that, but because a lot of MLB general managers/owners have “fan-typical” knowledge as well. And thats a sad, sad thing.

If you look at Zito’s stats since his Cy Young year he’s been simply…average. Yet he still has all that respect. Boggles my mind why people can’t get past the name on the baseball card and just turn it over and look at the stats on the back.

And thats why I won’t miss Barry Zito next year when he’s pitching for a different team.

Simply put, he’s not that good.

Sure he has his stretches where he still shows flashes of that past dominance. But a lot of pitchers have good stretches. What really gets me is that, like Eric Chavez, you can count on Zito to take half the season to get warmed up.

I’ve heard rumors that the Rangers are already intersted (what pitcher aren’t they interested in). To be honest…fine with me.

Having Zito pitch against the A’s in their division doesn’t worry me at all.

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Fernando Floyd Colon

My father, Vicente Antonio Colon was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico in 1911 and played baseball with Pancho Coimbre and the Ponce Leones. My father used to tell me stories about his days playing in the Puerto Rican League and how good Pancho really was.
I had the pleasure of meeting Senor Coimbre when I visited Puerto Rico with my father in 1967. My father was visting his father (my grandfather) Vicente who was ill at the time. Incidently, my grandfather was the first first baseman on a baseball team in Puerto Rico.
My father passed away in 1996, at the age of 85, and I certainly miss his wonderful stories of baseball on the island. [Read more →]

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Joe McDonald


I was looking at the Brooklyn Dodgers-Boys of Summer site and a link said that the first baseball movie was “right off the Bat” in 1915. This was on a link and unfortunately did not show more details. As we have discussed our boyhodd heroes before, I thought you would like this piece of trivia.

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2 tough days

The last 24 hours have been rough ones for the A’s.
On Wednesday night, they blew a 2 run lead in the 9th
and lost on a walk-off home run by A-Rod. It is no disgrace to have Sheffield and A-Rod beat you, These 2 guys are marvelous players. The concern that I have is that the A’s closer has blown 3 saves out of 8 save
chances. Not a recipe for success. They A’s,however, are a better team with Dotel. He must not let this
game ruin his confidence. A closer must believe that
he is invincible on the mound and must believe that
what happened is in the past and not let the loss
affect him.

Today, Barry Zito continued his erratic ways. It must
be of great concern to the club that he is not
performing as he did in the past.Tim Hudson returns and that should be a big lift to the club. The A’s
now head to the Metrodome, the house of horrors,
for a big 4 game set with the Twins. These 2 teams
always play each other hard and let’s hope that the A’s earn at least a split.

Jerry Feitelberg [

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Baseball Prediction/Playoffs

Today is August 4th, and I know it is still early for people to get anticipated about the playoff picture,
but the teams that are a lock for the divsions are:.
AL East
New York Yankees
Wild Card-Boston

AL Central-Twins
(The reason I say this is because the White Sox don’t have Frank Thomas or Paul Konerko because they’re out for the rest of the season, so they are going to slip out of the playoff picture).

AL West-Oakland A’s

NL East-Atlanta Braves

NL Central-Cardinals(For sure)

NL West- San Francisco Giants(L.A. is going to slip out like they do every time September rolls around, especially trading Mota ,and LaDuca away to the Marlins.

NL Wild Card- Chicago Cubs

Projected Playoffs:
ALDS- Yankees @ Twins- Yanks win series in 5
ALDS-Boston @ Oakland(just like last year) Boston in 4
ALCS- BOston @ Yankees- Boston still can’t win against them, Yankees in 7 again.

NLDS- Braves @ Cubs- Cubs in 5 again
NLDS- Giants @ Cardinals- Cardinals in 4
NLCS-Cubs @ Cardinals- Cardinals in 6

World Series- Cardinals @ New York Yankees-
Cardinals beat Yankees in 6 games- (Yankees still can’t win a world series they’re just like the braves,
all division titles and no world series title to show for it,and this would be a 4 year driught of now winning the World Series) [Read more →]

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Bad Karma in Fenway

Tonight’s game was a tough loss for the A’s.The Oaktown boys were down by a score of 7 to 1 when I
caught up with the game. Looked like Schilling was in control and then,bam, its 7 to 3 in the 6th. The
guys in green and gray made it 7 to 4. Then the fateful 8th inning. Timlin gives up 4 hits and now the score is 7 to 5. Enter Foulke. The former A’s closer gives up a hit to Hatteberg that hits the chalk
and now its 7 to 6. Jermaine Dye hits a ball off the Monster at the 379 foot marker that Johnny Damon
can’t reach and now it’s 7-7.The score remains
that way until the bottom of the 10th.Damon singles
and Bill Mueller slices a ball into the gap and Damon
scores all the way from first base witha head first slide
as the relay from Crosby almost nails him-game over and the A’s are swept at Fenway. Although it was a heartbreaker there are positives. The A’s never quit and battled back from a huge deficit.
The bullpen did its job by holding the Sox from expanding its lead and letting the A’s offense put some runs on the board. The A’s now go to Cleveland and Eric Chavez will be joining the club.
The Indians should not be taken lightly. They are
a young club and are flirting with the .500 mark.
If the A’s take 2 out 3 it will be a big plus as the season reaches the halfway point. Jerry F [Read more →]

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