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Talkin’ Giants Baseball.. July 14th + 15th

SAT JULY 14th – KNBR 680 GIANTS pregame with Marty Lurie 

Therese Vinal: Marty talking some ball with the Host of the Giants Outsiders on  Therese Vinal

Kerry Crowley: Marty talks to Kerry about this Giants-A’s Series and the Trophy

Jessica Klienschmidt: Marty and Carmen talk to Jessica Klienschmidt from  at  

Owen Poindexter: Marty talks to Owen Poindexter before game 2 of the Bay Bridge Series

Cameron Bright: Marty talks to the author Cameron Bright about his new book- The 1967 American League Pennant Race: Four Teams, Six Weeks, One Winner

Vince Cotroneo: Marty talks to A’s Announcer Vince Cotroneo about the Bay Bridge Series Trophy

Bruce Jenkins: Bruce joins Marty and Adam at the Public House before Game 2 of the Bay Bridge Series

Rich Waltz: Marty talks to MLB announcer Rich Waltz.. Who will fill in for a few Giants games in August 


SUN JULY 15th – KNBR 680 GIANTS pregame with Marty Lurie 

Greatest Game – Cain One Hitter: Marty Lurie and Chris Haft, from, talk about one of the Greatest Games in Giants History: On May 21st, 2006.. Cain was nearly perfect with the One-Hitter vs the A’s

Barry Bloom: Marty talking ball Barry Bloom before the Series Finale vs the A’s

Curt Smith: Marty talks to author and baseball writer Curt Smith

Bruce Jenkins: Marty and Bruce look thru the Windows of Baseball on the last game before the All-Star Game

Kerry Crowley: Marty and Adam talks to Kerry about Samardzija landing on the 10-Day DL again with a sore shoulder

Ron Wotus: Class Is IN! The Professor Ron Wotus talks about this Bay Bridge Series, His favorite Ice Cream and What is he going to with his time off?


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Talkin’ Giants Baseball.. July 7th + 8th

SAT JULY 8th – KNBR 680 GIANTS pregame with Marty Lurie 

Lon Simmons – GIANTS CONVO : 2018 marks the 60th season of GIANTS Baseball in San Francisco Marty will feature a former GIANTS player every week – Lon Simmons, a Hall of Fame broadcaster whose career spanned five decades calling San Francisco Giants, Oakland Athletics and 49ers

Greatest Game: Marty Lurie and Chris Haft, from, talk about one of the Greatest Games in Giants History: On June 12th, 2009, Tim Lincecum threw his second career shutout and played a key role in the three-run fifth with a one-out single to score the first run of the game. 

Bruce Jenkins: Marty and Bruce breakdown the trade that sent Cory Gearrin, Austin Jackson & minor league RHP Jason Bahr to the Texas Rangers this morning

Barry Bloom: Marty and Barry talking ball and with an Ohtani Report

Steve Harris: Marty talks to Steve Harris, winner of the 2018 Uncle Abe Award honoring my Uncle Abe, funded by the Lefty O’Doul Foundation for Kids

Ron Wotus: Class is in! Marty talks to the Giants Professor Ron Wotus

Nick Hundley: Marty talks Baseball Philosophy with the Giants Philosopher Nick Hundley 

Rick Schu: Marty talks to one of the Giants hitting coach Rick Schu


SAT JULY 7th – KNBR 680 GIANTS pregame with Marty Lurie 

Ryan + Nicole Vogelsong & Bruce Jenkins: Marty and Adam talking ball with Bruce Jenkins.. Plus Ryan + Nicole Vogelsong

John Rooney: Marty talks to Cardinals’ broadcaster John Rooney 

Mark Saxon: Marty and Adam talk to Mark Saxon at the Public House

Bill Kearney: Marty talks to Bill Kearney from Good Neighbor on Crazy Crab Scarf Day presented by Good Neighbor Pharmacy

Will Smith: Marty talks to Will Smith about maybe being the closer for this Giants team

Shayna Rubin: Marty talking baseball with Shayna Rubin, from the Athletic, talking about how she went from SF State to working at the Athletic


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Talkin’ Giants Baseball.. Fourth Of July

Ernie Harwell: Ernie Harwell recuites his Ode to Baseball Poem

Show Open: Marty talks about what the Fourth of July Holiday means to him

Paul White: Marty chats with Paul White about the start of the USA Today’s Baseball Weekly

Bob Lurie: Bob Lurie led a bid in early 1976 to prevent the Giants from moving, after Toronto investors appeared certain to buy the franchise from owner Horace Stoneham

Bruce Jenkins: Marty talks to Bruce Jenkins about the return of the Shark and Cueto

Ed Wehrle : Marty talks to Author Ed Wehrle about his new book- Breaking Babe Ruth: Baseball’s Campaign Against Its Biggest Star

Dave Righetti: Marty’s interview with Dave Righetti from 2004. He talks about the nohitter he threw against the Boston Red Sox at Yankee Stadium on the 4th of July 1983

Phil Rogers: Marty talks to baseball columnist Phil Rogers 

Thomas Harding: Marty talks to Thomas Harding.. He covers the Rockies for

Kerry Crowley: Marty talks Kerry before the Giants-Rockies Series Finale 

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Mid-Inning Relief Podcast — The Eighth One: Are The All Star Game Starters The Best At Their Positions?

It’s the eighth episode of Mid-Inning Relief! This week, Marty Lurie, Carmen Kiew, and Ally Williams discuss whether Bruce Bochy will be back next season, the future of the San Francisco Giants’ rotation and starting outfield, and several international prospects that were just signed by the club. 

They also discuss whether it’s ever okay for a GM, front office person or manager to call out a struggling player, whether the All Star Game starters are really the best at their positions, and which patriotic holiday is the best to go see a game.

What do you think? Follow us on Twitter and let us know your feedback!

Podcast Twitter: @midinningrelief

Marty Lurie: @baseballmarty

Carmen Kiew: @carmenkiew

Ally Williams: @allykwilliams

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Talkin’ Giants Baseball.. June 30th + July 1st

SUN JULY 1st – KNBR 680 GIANTS pregame with Marty Lurie 

Matt Williams – GIANTS Convo: 2018 marks the 60th season of GIANTS Baseball in San Francisco Marty will feature a former GIANTS player every week – This week Marty talks Matt Williams about his first day on his MLB career

GREATEST GAME – Durham Walk-off : Marty Lurie and Chris Haft, from, talk about one of the Greatest Games in Giants History: Giants’ Ray Durham, who victimized his former team and A’s closer Huston Street, with a walk off HR shot on June 24, 2006.

Andrew McCutchen: Marty talks to Giants’ right fielder Andrew McCutchen about the first half of the 2018 season

Brandon Belt: Marty talks to Brandon Belt about ripping Pence’s shirt off after his walk off hit 

Bruce Jenkins: Marty and Bruce talk about the twists and turns of this Giants-DBacks Series

Barry Bloom: Marty talks to Barry before the series finale vs the D-Backs

Owen Poindexter: Marty talks to Owen Poindexter about how well the Giants did in June

Kerry Crowley: Marty and Kerry breakdown Rodriguez start vs the D-Backs: Is his stock rising?


SAT JUNE 30th – KNBR 680 GIANTS pregame with Marty Lurie 

Austin Slater: Marty talks to the newest Giant Austin Slater about his slide home to beat the Rockies Tuesday Night

Hunter Pence: Carmen Kiew talks with Hunter Pence about his AAA Sacramento experience and his walk-off hit vs the Padres

Kerry Crowley: Marty talks to Kerry about Suarez and his 3 quality starts: Has he earned a spot on this rotation?

Bruce Jenkins: Marty and Bruce talk about the Giants first winning month in a long time

Rich Waltz: Marty talks to Rich Waltz about the possible MLB trades coming up next month

Steve Gilbert: Marty and Steve talk about this Giants–D-Backs Series: What will we see out of Shelby Miller today?

Jon Springer: Marty talks to author Jon Springer about his new book- Once Upon a Team: The Epic Rise and Historic Fall of Baseball’s Wilmington Quicksteps

Bruce Bochy: Marty talks to Boch about getting better on the road and the halfway point of the season   

Joe Sheehan: Marty talks to Joe Sheehan about the Trade Deadline: Will the Giants be looking for a closer next month?

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