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Inside Baseball Saturday Night 05/20/06

Inside Baseball with Marty Lurie and Shooty Babitt – Bonds hitting 714: Is he coming to the A’s next year?, The division races: at the quarter pole, Baseball Brawls and Inter-league games.

Segment one: Marty, Shooty, Vince Cotroneo and Mr. C (from Heaven).
Segment two: Marty, Shooty, Vince Cotroneo and Mr. C.
Segment three: Marty, Robert Buan, Rich Lieberman, Vince Cotroneo and Mr. C.
Segment four: Marty, Robert Buan, Rich Lieberman, and Vince Cotroneo.

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Bonds Represents More Than Home Runs

It’s not just the specter of using steroids that has turned public opinion against Barry Bonds.

It’s not simply the idea that Bonds will pass the home run total of one of the great icons of American sports, the legendary Babe Ruth.

The real reason for the negative feelings is what Barry Bonds represents.

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What's wrong with the Mariners ?

Baseball is a crazy game and when you think you have it all figured out it humbles you.
I run into some of the same people that predicted the Mariners would finish last this season yet they
are asking What’s wrong with the Mariners ?

By Amaury Pi-González [

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The Giants vs Bonds; It's Becoming that Simple.

Marty: The story that is being played out today and, apparently, will continue to be played out for an unknown number of future days, is hard to believe. It has a scenario that has never been seen before, a drama, if one wishes to dignify it by such characterization, that pits one player’s self-interest against the club’s chances for a winning season.

We have a player, Bonds, at the tail end of a career, hurting and complaining, after the team has played thirty-nine games, during which he has been at bat only eighty-nine times, that he gets “tireder and tireder”. He no longer pretends to run out hits. He is a menace in the outfield, he doesn’t bother to back up the play taking place in front of him.

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Is the American League as Powerful as It Thinks? by Ed Stern

Marty; The “big, powerful American League” is again proclaimng a built in excuse when interleague play shows that they aren’t quite as big and powerful as they insist. Now, the word apparently is that they play at a terrible disadvantage when playing in National League parks because thay are not allowed to play with ten men rather than with the nine the game was intended for.

In 1973, when the American League was being consistently outplayed by the National League, American League owners, plaintively decided that the rules by which the game had been played for seventy-five years or more, needed a change in the most basic character of the sport. Baseball had always been a game which emphasized that each player had to play both offense and defense. It was a game which demanded individual responsibility and multiple skills.

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A's, Giants Come Up Empty by Glenn Dickey

THE GIANTS and A’s both spent big bucks for free agent pitchers in the offseason. In retrospect, they might wish they had invested in government bonds instead.

The A’s mistake, signing Esteban Loaiza, has been the most embarrassing to this point.

There were certainly some red flags in Loaiza’s background. He had had one great year, 2003, when he was 21-9 with a 2.90 ERA for the Chicago White Sox, finishing second in the Cy Young Award voting, but in a major league career which had started with the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1995, he was only 112-99 with an ERA of 4.60. Moreover, the year after his best, he won only 10 games, though he did make the All-Star team, and was traded by the White Sox to the Yankees.

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Inside Baseball Saturday Night 05/13/06

Inside Baseball with Marty Lurie and Shooty Babitt –
breaking down the A’s Hitting, the possible moves before the trade deadline, upcoming inter-league games and Shooty gets jumpy, as usual.
Segment one: Marty and Mark Saxon( from the Orange County Register).
Segment two: Marty and Shooty.
Segment Three: Bob Rudoph, Marty and Shooty.
Segment Four: Bruce Magown, Marty and Shooty breakdown.

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Interleague Play Next Weekend

Just when you think you have the division races figured out along comes interleague play to complicate matters.

The National league has a decided advantage when playing interleague games in their home parks because the big powerful American League teams lose the DH.

Bud Selig should actually do something that matters and declare that the DH can be used in all interleague games.

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The Supreme Court of Baseball by Rick Kaplan

Rick Kaplan
Staff Writer

(OAKLAND, May 12) – As the rookie among my esteemed colleagues at, I bring little ‘expertise’ to the lofty legal and historical questions that have recently been raised herein concerning one Barry Bonds and his home runs.

Having dropped out of NYU Law School after three months, I don’t know the law, at least much beyond the surface grit of parking tickets and living wills. And I know the game only as a fan and a sandlot player, having not so much as ever spoken to a major league ballplayer, unless you count shouting childish stupidities at the Yankee Stadium visiting bullpen in the ’60s.

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After the Streroids era, Back to the Future

We are living in some very questionable times as far as baseball is concerned and the issue of steroids once it goes away might return baseball to it’s original mode of more fundamental style of play.

By Amaury Pi-González [

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