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Postseason Not Kind to Tony La Russa

by Glenn Dickey
Oct 18, 2005

NOBODY HAS more at stake in the National League Championship Series than St. Louis Cardinal manager Tony La Russa. If the Cardinals lose, La Russa may be looking for another job.

La Russa is the best manager I’ve watched closely over an extended time. (Billy Martin was the best for a short period, but he always self-destructed after a time.) [Read more →]

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Good For The White Sox

You can take all the division winners, wild cards, and division series finalists, but what really matters is winning the pennant.

The White Sox won the pennant, their first since clinching the American League flag on September 22, 1959.

Back then Al Lopez was the manager, Early Wynn won the Cy Young award, when only one was given out, and Nellie Fox won the MVP award as teammates Luis Aparicio and Jim Landis were voted second and third in the balloting.

Now The Curse of Luis Aparicio is finally broken.

What you never heard of the Curse of Little Looie, the Hall of Fame White Sox shortstop?

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Something New At The Park Everyday

Just when you think you’ve seen everything in baseball something new happens that makes you realize you don’t have any real idea what goes on behind the closed doors of a major league front office.

Ken Macha is back managing the A’s when it seemed that he was on his way to managerial oblivion in Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay, or Baltimore.

Why did he return?

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Fremont would like to have the A'S

The Fremont City Council met on Tuesday
October 11 and at the top of their agenda
was the possibility of luring the Oakland
A’S team to move here to Fremont.
As a citizen of the City of Fremont since 1979
I have seen this city grow from a small bedroom
community to the fourth largest in the Bay Area
with a population of 210,000. Only San José
San Francisco and Oakland have larger populations
in the Bay Area.
But I have to agree that this is a long long long
shot. Maybe the last shot in the dark for the A’S.
Homes that you could buy here in the 70s for
$50,000 are selling for $800,000 today. I have seen the
progress in this town, but to have a Major League
franchise would have to be a “regional effort”.

By Amaury Pi-González
Fremont, CA. [

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Many Jobs Open, Not Just Managers by Bruce Grimes

Florida Teams a Good Fit for Mr. Macha

Though Ken Macha did not get the nod as the next Pirates’ manager, he still has plenty of options. Due to his reputation as a manager who excels with young players, his market value is high.

Like his old club, the Florida Marlins and Tampa Bay Devil Rays have outstanding young talent. The Marlins (29.2 years) track older than the Devil Rays, thanks to a mix of veterans along with playoff tested youth, such as outfielder Miguel Cabrera, and pitchers Dontrelle Willis, and Josh Beckett.

Click below for more from Bruce, great article, thanks, Marty [Read more →]

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Playoff Heroes Are Stars Forever

As the playoff story unfolds the players who will be known forever in baseball history as the ones who led their teams through “October Baseball” step up on the national stage.

In Chicago, pitcher Jose Contreras is the key to the Sox winning the ALCS. The cagey veteran finally trusts his tricky assortment of pitches. In times past, the former Cuban national star has refused to challenge the hitters. Not so anymore, Contreras says here’s the ball, go ahead and try and hit it. So far he’s been the most dominating pitcher of the postseason.

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Why Did Macha Leave the A's?

by Glenn Dickey
Oct 07, 2005

THE DEPARTURE of Ken Macha is a sad story for both Macha and the A’s. He seemed a good fit for the A’s, and he won’t be able to get as good a job anywhere else.

But don’t blame Billy Beane.

Beane is an easy target for writers who want to blast away without thinking. Ever since “Moneyball” was published, Beane has been portrayed as an ego out of control, sometimes by writers who didn’t even read the book. [Read more →]

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What do A'S need first 1-A new ballapark 2-Win a World Series ? Please vote.

The last time the Oakland Athletics went to a
World Series I was there in the Press Box it
was 1990. That was 15 years ago to this day.
I wonder what A’s fans think, is it more important
for this franchise, to win a World Series or to
build a new ballpark in Oakland?

By Amaury Pi-González [

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Five Game Series Is just That

The division series is a five gamer, nothing more, nothing less.

Once the regular season ends, baseball changes the rules.

Welcome to the party. Five intense games, the winners go to the next round, the losers go home, thanks for playing our game.

Which teams can run through this gauntlet without falling apart?

What do you need to be successful?

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