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This Year It's The Survival of The Fittest

There’s an old saying in sports, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going”.

This age old proverb normally applies to baseball teams heading down the stretch to see which squads get to play October baseball.

Not so in 2005. The real question this year is, “who’s hurting and how much will he help the team during the remainder of the season?”

Let’s look at some of the injuries that the some of the key players in the pennant race are facing right now.

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The Giants in the Playoffs? Start dreaming again.

Marty; Ten days ago, it was written here that one should stop dreaming about this season, the team was fifteen games under five hundred, and thinking about next year’s possibilities was the single comfort left for Giants fans as a result of this year’s miseries.

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Don't Overlook the Rangers and the Mariners

The A’s and the Angels showed the baseball world this week that they are evenly matched when they face each other on the diamond.

The winner of the AL West will be the team that handles the remaining teams on the schedule most effectively.

Both contenders get a steady diet of the top teams in the league over the next couple of weeks. The A’s see Boston, Cleveland, and Minnesota. The Angels meet the White Sox, Red Sox, and the pesky Devil Rays.

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September 9, 1985, Canseco's first home run

The world of baseball will never be the same
after this the “steroid era”20 years later
we remember the first home run by the
man that introduced steroids to Major League
Baseball, born in Regla(a little town on the other
side of Havana Bay) Cuba, José Canseco.

José Canseco was named the Minor League
Player of the Year in 1985 when he went from
AA Huntsville to AAA Tacoma batting .333
with 36 home runs and 127 runs batted in
in just 118 games. His home runs in Huntsville
were legendary.

By Amaury Pi-González

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