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Billy Beane Follows the Masters

by Glenn Dickey

WHEN YOU think Billy Beane, think Branch Rickey and Bill Walsh. The A’s general manager always acknowledges his debt to each man.

BIO: Glenn Dickey – 33 years as a sports columnist for The San Francisco Chronicle; author of 16 books, the last being “Champions: The Story of the First Two Oakland A’s Dynasties – and the Building of the Third.” He’s written more than 300 magazine articles, and he’s been a columnist for Pro Football Weekly since 1972. He’s also been featured on several radio and TV shows and am currently a frequent panelist on “The Last Honest Sports Show,” which airs Saturday night on Channel 44.

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Bay Area Catchers, They Won't Miss the Ball by A.J. Hayes

By A.J. Hayes

It’s ironic that one of the most repeated clichés about catchers is that they wear the “tools of ignorance.” Because as any serious baseball fans knows – while catchers play the most physically demanding position on the field, catcher is also the game’s most cerebral.

There is a reason catchers become managers more often than any other position players after their playing days conclude – because throughout their careers they have been the brains of their respective organizations. Catchers do more than squat and catch what the pitcher hurls. The top and most respected catchers in MLB have the power to dictate the pace of a game. They call pitches, provide on-field leadership and intelligence.

Note: Anthony Hayes is one of the most knowledgeable baseball writers in the Bay Area. For the past few seasons you have read his work in the San Francisco Chronicle’s Game Day Special Baseball Section. We are fortunate to have Anthony joining us this year on our site.

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Baseball, we have a problem, no…not in Houston

Baseball we have a problem, no it is
not in Houston but at 245 Park Avenue
New York at the Office of the Comissioner
and this could get uglier before it gets better.

By Amaury Pi-González [

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Who Had the Better Off Season, Sabean or Beane?

This is a difficult question to answer with a simple yes or no. The true answer may not be known for years to come or at the very least until this season plays out.

In the spirit of the upcoming Oscar awards, let’s create categories of interest and give a special baseball award called, “The Bud” (in honor of the commish) to the winner of each category.

Click Below for the awards and my analysis of the winter moves. I welcome your reactions.

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I believe you José

José Canseco’s controversial
book should be out later this
month of February. A lot of
people are upset at José’s
accusations, but who are
we to say they are not true?

By Amaury Pi-González [

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Monday Morning Baseball

The Super bowl has past, the one day I wait for each year, because it signifies that there is nothing in the way of the impending baseball season.

Within the next two weeks the teams will all have reported for training in Arizona and Florida.

I remember reading that the Brooklyn Dodgers trained in both Havana and Panama in 1946 and 47 because the city fathers in Vero Beach Florida wouldn’t permit black players to live or train in Vero Beach.

59 years is not that long ago when considering periods of history, baseball mirrors life and American culture in so many ways, segregation was just one of them, which should never be forgotten.

Steroids and how they helped bodybuilers win championships weren’t ignored by baseball players who also were looking for an edge.

This morning Jose Canseco is back in the news revealing more of the sacred secrets of the clubhouse.

One thing is common when reading all the comments about Jose’s revelations about his teammates steroid use: no one is calling him a liar.

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